“Distributed Energy Solutions, Inc." (DES), is an energy solutions provider and manufactures representative providing environmentally conscious and green, combined heat and power (CHP) distributed energy systems and equipment.

With its principals providing over 35 years experience in commercial and industrial environmental conditioning systems, Distributed Energy Solutions is your trusted partner in providing, evaluating, sizing, configuring and installing CHP and Co-Gen equipment and systems.

Distributed Energy Solutions is a strategic partner with Broad USA, representing their complete product line of exhaust fired and traditional absorption chillers, pumps, cooling towers, controls and complete factory assembled machine rooms. Other CHP equipment available through Distributed Energy Solutions includes Kawasaki Gas Turbine Generators, Broach HRSG systems, and Solar Turbines Gas Turbine Generators.

From equipment only to turnkey solutions, Distributed Energy Solutions can team and joint venture with qualified developers and contractors. If you are considering CHP or decentralized energy systems for any reason, contact DES's team of professionals.

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